Saturday, March 21, 2015


It is a really great feeling to realize that there are certain things I am either so good at, or so intense about that those emotions burn the depression off like fog on a sunny day. 
I need to remember that happens when I'm having one of the harder days.  Hopefully sharing this reminder will remind anyone reading that you probably have days like this too and should embrace them when you have them.
And for people who aren't stuck with our condition -- this is a reminder that having depression doesn't mean sad every minute of every single day.  It has breaks.  Like this.  It has moments of happiness and every other emotion you'd care to name.  We get upset when things we care about are treated disrespectfully. Injustice gets us sad and angry.  We feel joy for friends and ourselves. We feel everything that anyone else does. 
So if you see me or anyone else you know to have depression having a day like this -- please do not make a crack about no longer needing the meds.  The meds usually make it possible to notice when we're having a day like this.  And one good or great or even amazing day does not mean a cure, or that we're over it.  The illness doesn't work that way.

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