Saturday, March 01, 2014

Stress-O-Meter: Green

Stress-O-Meter: Green

Green days are days where my mental resources, or "spoons", if you've read the Spoon Theory which I've mentioned here before,  are consumed at a rate that I can endure.   I come home tired, but not spent, exhausted, wasted, and wiped.  And yes. All those words apply together. 
On days when I have maxed out my mental, physical, and emotional resources, it is an accomplishment I have the energy to walk from work to the car.  It is a wonder I can start the car and drive it home, to say nothing of turning the key in the lock to open the door.  
If I sit very, very, very still  for a little while, enough will come back that I don't fall asleep wherever I stopped, and that'll be enough to unwind with so I can eat, maybe catch up on social media, spend some time with The Spark, before I call it a night, take my meds, and go to sleep.  Some nights, I do not get enough back that I remember the meds.   Some nights?  I don't get enough back to make anything to eat.  Some nights, I do not get enough back to do anything other than go directly to bed: do not pass GO, do not earn a damn thing. 

Sometimes, I'll just start down from my max, and even a green day will leave me like this.

Stick around.  I'll describe yellow next.

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