Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stupid Headlines and Mental Images

Thanks, NY Times -- I needed an eyetwitch moment from the dumbest phrased headline about the winter storm that caused me such trouble getting home that I left at 2:30 pm on Tuesday the 28th and got home at noon on Wednesday the 29th and; only that thanks to at least ten Good Samaritans.  I didn't get my car back until today, which is when I saw this stupid-ass headline.  It's not like Killer Frost from DC comics lay in wait for the city of Atlanta, then jumped out at us shouting "BOO!" 
Don't go by buzzfeed type stuff that sounds good in a tweet.  Renaming the headline after the fact doesn't get you off the hook. Ever.  The internet has screencap and we are quick on the draw, yo.
You're supposed to be elite journalists. I was taught that in school.  This isn't elite journalism. This isn't even NY Post level journalism.
Do better. Seriously.

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