Sunday, August 07, 2011

What's It Like To Live With Depression: Housework

Part one of an ongoing series.

For a longer take on this concept, I have a blog entry here on Tumblr.

I don't much like crediting Penny Arcade but their Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory is memetic and known to millions of people, so, it serves the purpose best to reference it here.

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  1. Have similar problems and have chronic depression. One thing I tried (and seems to be working) is:
    Mon-Thu = Study days (doing my masters in fine arts)
    Fri = Relaxation/opther day
    Sat = Art/Comic day (when I do most of my comics)
    Sun = Housework day

    And you know what, when I follow this I get the housework done, and don't feel "guilty" doing my comics!