Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Watch That Itchy Enter Finger!

Potentially triggery: click past the jump with caution please.

 Like most people, I have buttons that take me straight from zero to go-to-hell when pressed.

So I can't really do that "stay calm, count to ten" thing.

Or that Alice Kramden "pins and needles, needles and pins, a happy woman is a woman who grins" thing.

I just can't.  The button takes me from rational to rage, taking the blue and the pink right out of my orchid coloured glasses and making me see red.

One of those buttons is trivializing the word "rape".

Today, somebody told me that progressives, liberals, the left, whatever you want to call them, were symbolically raping Sarah Palin.

By ogling her:  when she chooses to dress in an evocative manner  -- which is the same thing as saying a real rape victim was asking for it by dressing in a manner society might call sexy.

By undressing her with their eyes:  Ogling is looking. Without touching.  Rape is physical violation without consent.

Sarah Palin chose to run for and then be (and then quit as) Governor of Alaska.  She chose to be the vice presedential running mate in 2008. She chose to be the pit bull soccer mom moose hunting cutie pie who winks and says "say it ain't so!"   She chose to wear the cute, girly-girl clothes and wear the Bumpit in her hair while Hillary and various other female politicians prefer pant suits.   She chose to pose for the photos in Newsweek.  She chose to be on Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey.

Rape. Victims. Don't. Get. A. Choice.

Fortunately I did have enough mental control to react to them calmly after the reaction depicted above.

Yay me.


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