Monday, January 09, 2012

Mindquake vs. Tea

What kind of things stress me to the point of a mindquake that turns me from peaceful to fantasy-murderous?
People of privilege claiming how oppressed they are by being given assignment for class. 

Republicans praying for the death of the President of the United States.  I guarantee you, despite all the gasping and clutching of pearls at the sugggestion,  this is not something that would've happened if the President were Caucasian. 

Hate for Mercedes on Glee, a show I do not even watch, simply because she's black.  Hate for Martha Jones on Doctor Who, a show I do watch, simply because she's black.   Hate for Alisha on Misfits, simply because -- you get the idea.

The pernicious and difficult-to-dislodge idea that anyone who isn't rich is lazy and just not trying hard enough.  

Homophobia. Transphobia.

Sexism, especially the misguided kind where feminists decide women of other cultures are oppressed and need rescuing.  If American feminists get to make their own choices, women of other nationalities should be able to make their own choices too, without other women making choices for them.

I'll be here all day if I go on. You get the idea.

Never again will I question the calming properties of tea, because it really does take me from panel 1 to panel 3 on bad days.

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